Hi, are you new to our website? Please take time off to look at the tips below. They might be of help to you as you navigate around our different search tools.

When searching for businesses, you have the option to do so based on Business Type, Business Name, Business Location or any combination of these.
It's simple! Just type your entry on the box provided for each then click "Find" and viola! You are there!

The "Browse by Business Type" is available if you are interested in getting lists of businesses based on their type.
Business Types are grouped according to their first alphabets.

Just click on an alphabet and you get a listing of all Business Types starting with that alphabet. Next, click on any Business Type of your choice and you get a listing of all businesses of that type.

For convenience, "Browse by Location" is also available on this tab (page) and the same procedure as above is followed to get a listing of businesses based on their location.

Advanced search is available for people who want something a little extra.
In situations where you want to use part of a Business Name or Business Type (or keyword) to make your search, Advance Search is the option to use.
It also allows you to use Street and location as your search criteria.
If you are looking for a trip adviser based on your budget, Advanced Search is what you need! It allows you to search hotels based on room rates. Just enter your Lowest Rate or Highest Rate amount (excluding Naira signs and thousand comma seperators) then click "Find Now" and you are there!

Please note that some boxes give you a drop-down list of possible suggestions for what you enter. It is highly advisable that you take note of the suggested list and ensure your entry matches one of them.
Sometimes, the suggestion list may take a little while to drop down especially when you have an internet link that moves at the speed of snail. Ultimately, waiting a little while for the list to drop down so you make your pick will ensure a better result!

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